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Cabinet Aquarium of preferred size and design. Comes with fish , aquatic decor , LED lighting, filter pump and fish flakes

2 reviews for Cabinet Aquariums

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    It would be better each aquarium and design had a price tag so that one can know when to visit once prep6

    • aquacentury

      Hello Emmanuel . Sure we will check on that . Thanks

  2. Rated 3 out of 5

    Benson Khamala

    it will be good if you give dimensions and price

    • aquacentury

      The price of the Aquariums vary depending on the sizes and designs as summarized below:
      • DESTKTOP AQUARIUM :Varies from 13k for a 2ft long
      • COFFEE TABLE AQUARIUM :2ft by 2ft @ 16k, 3ft by 2ft @19k ,4ft by 2ft @24k & 5ft by 2.5ft @39k .
      • TOWERS :5ft tall by 1ft by 1ft @ 25k , 3ft tall minitower @16k
      • TV STAND AQUARIUM :16k for a 24inch TV,19K for a 32inch ,24k for a 43 inch &28k for a 55inch TV
      • WALL MOUNTED AQUARIUM :Varies From 24k for a 32inch long
      • Cabinet TV Stand Aquarium : . Ksh 34,000 for a 32 inch tv and Ksh, 38000 for a 43inch and Ksh46,000 for a 55 inch tv.
      .If you would like to see more photos of such designs so that you make a well informed decision, share your contact or reach our customer care service through either WhatsApp, text or call 0795 342 194/0712 290124

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